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December 29, 2010

Experience The Heavenly Beauty Of Ladakh In Ladakh Adventure Tour

Do you want your vacation in India to be filled with a lot of adventure? Then you should start taking a closer look at the various trekking and adventure tours that are offered in Ladakh. Ladakh is a place known to be filled with exciting mountain ranges and even Buddhist monasteries and communities that would awaken something in the spiritual aspect of your life. Here are some of the Ladakh Adventure Tours that you can choose from.

Camel Safari in Ladakh: Camel Safari in Ladakh is one of the most popular safaris done in the region of Ladakh. The camel for sure is not just limited to the deserts but can also transport you well along with freezing lands. This can be traced back in history when everything was ancient. The best time to experience the Camel Safari in Ladakh would be the months of July to September. During this time of the year, taking the camel safaris serve to be one of the most memorable experiences one can gain in traveling to India. It is also a comfortable mode of transportation to bring you to the variety of amusement spots of the land.

Jeep Safari Tour in Ladakh: Jeep Safari Tour in Ladakh tour is very beneficial especially when you will explore the icy fields of Ladakh. July to October are the best months to experience this kind of adventure and this tour involves you trekking around the Suru Valley, Zanskar and many more. Another great destination that this tour would lead you to is the Karsha that is an amazing and well celebrated monastery. This is really one pleasant experience for most passionate trekkers. Jeep Safari in Ladakh is perfect to be experienced with traveling families as well.

Mountain Biking Tour in Ladakh: If you are a biking enthusiast, then you would definitely choose this mountain biking tour above everything else. You will be well oriented with the most famous passes such as the Baralacha La, Rohtang, Lachalangla and the very high Tanglangla. The tour begins in New Delhi and you will be assisted with a lot of expert travel guides.

You can be assured that all these adventure tours are worth all the thrill without compromising on the level of security and safety that you need. Throughout the duration of the tours, you can be sure to enjoy great views, amazing interaction and exciting adventures for your travel to India that would happen only once in a lifetime.

December 28, 2010

Markha Valley: An Amazing Trekking Trek of India

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Gigantic Himalayas and its daunting neighbors have always tempted trekkers, mountaineers and adventure lovers for years. Ladakh, in particular, has remained as the primmest location for adventure and culture tourism. Soon after the Indian government opened this region for tourism. Ladakh is very different from other Indian tourism spots and more akin to Tibetan plateau. Over 31000 tourists throng Ladakh region in prime season, which makes almost 60 percentage of total revenue. The region is mainly popular for trekking routes over high passes and snow blanketed peaks and luring adventure prospects. Markha valley is one of the most challenging destinations in leh ladakh and a popular trek called Markha Valley Trek, has been named after this valley.

The trek is a long narrow stretch, almost 13-14 kms along the mesmerising Markha River, which emanates from Nimaling plateau. The entire region is bestowed fantastic sceneries ranging from epic deserts to deep gorges. Stoke and Mashu mountain range provide ultimate scene. And Zanskar range on other side simply enhances the charm. It is the route to Kang Yatse Peak, which is about 6400 meters high.

There’s an amazing view of snow covered Kang Yatse twin peaks, which are mitigated by snow covered rocks. At times it gives illusion that these rocks touch the sky. The amazing ambiance is simple irresistible any trekker or adventure lover. During summers, you can see many young shepherds bringing their livestock for grazing in this area. Out of two Kang Yatse peaks, peak that falls on the right hand side is easily accessible for trekkers, especially non technical climbers. However, you need to carry your mountaineering equipments to climb the peak 6200 meters.

Before kicking off the journey of Markha Valley, you will be advised to avoid any brisk movement. This is because of the climatic conditions which can be simply defined as extreme. First of all the trekkers need to acclimatize to the climate as here oxygen is relatively lesser.

The Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh is considered as the most exciting tramps in the Himalayan region. Markha Valley Trek is inclusive of gigantic stun peaks, thin taints, beetling cliffs and prayer-bannered surpasses. During the trek you come vis a vis to mesmerizing the Ganda La and other is Kangmaru La. Summit monasteries, involved Tibetan “chortens” (temples) and “mani” (plea) parapet, also compliment your journey. A blessed traveller may see the exceptional flurry leopard which is the main attraction of Markha Valley Trek. The views are stunning and towards the conclusion of this Markha Valley trek tourist will be capable to observe the icy capped zeniths of Tibet and the Karakorum series of mounts.

Trekking in ladakh is one of the most exciting tours in India. Zanskar tour, Markha Valley Trek, Sham Valley Trek are the name of some trek which make a soft corner in our heart silently.

December 27, 2010

Best Majestic Trekking Destinations In India

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Whether you are an enthusiast of trekking or not, the famous Treks in Leh Ladakh would surely encourage you to make it a sure memorable experience of a lifetime. They can be one of the most essential and unforgettable trips you can ever make in your entire life. It would lead you to the greatest mountain ranges of the world which is the Himalayan. You would get to witness a very rich yet diverse kind of culture and it offers a wide sense of spirituality in the footsteps of Buddhism. No one would not feel that they are closer to God when fulfilling these famous treks in leh ladakh.

Markha Valley Trek: Markha Valley Trek is a lone yet highly diverse trekking package you can encounter in the Himalayan region. It has the most stunning of sceneries when it comes to the amazing mountain peaks and all its beeting cliffs. It would really encourage you to pray and get closer to God once you level up one step at a time. The most respected and celebrated monasteries in the land would also welcome you with this trek.

Nubra Valley Trek: Nubra Valley Trek is considered popularly to be the flowers among the valleys. It is one of the most popular treks you can do in the ladakh part of India and it offers high end adventures packed with amazing sceneries. If you are in search of a peaceful and serene trekking package, then you should not miss this trekking route.

Zanskar Trek: The zanskar trek would bring you lots of snowcapped valleys that would truly capture much of your attention. Its hiking expedition is done best between the early June to the mid October. This trekking tour offers a variety of opportunities that range in various levels of trekking difficulty.

Stok Kangri Trek: If you want to see one of the prettiest peaks in the Ladakh area, then this is the ideal tour to catch. It has a medium range kind of climb and would not require you to have technical skills in climbing or mountaineering. You would be able to climb even as a beginner a 6150 m mountain in just less than seven days. This is not possible at all if you would try it in other parts of the world. Its summit symbolizes one of the most amazing views that you can ever see of the Saser peak.

December 24, 2010

Zanskar Valley – A Beautiful Place In The Adventure Capital Of India

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If you are headed to India and you are still wondering which tour packages to choose, then better start with the Ladakh zanskar Tour. Zanskar is a place located 20 kilometers the south of Rangdum, Ladakh and the best time to visit the place is between June to September. Any Ladakh Tour would offer great sightseeing tours and is well loved by the passionate trekkers. In fact, through time, it has been a known tourist spot which led to the establishment of various hotels and camping areas to offer accommodation.

Places to See in Zanskar
The best parts about any Ladakh zanskar Tour would be seeing the great ranges of the Himalayans and of course, the Zanskar Mountain. It also has a valley system which is dominated by the population of Buddhist communities. As you head to the Pazila watershed right on the road of Zanskar, you would first get to see the Stod Valley, which is one of tributary valleys in the place. It renders you an amazing view of the Drang-Drung glacier which is believed to be the biggest in the entirety of Ladakh. The rest of the wide area of Zanskar is about mountains and other deep gorges.

Flora and Fauna in Zanskar
Majority of the vegetation of Zanskar can be discovered in the lower levels of the valleys around the area. Most of these are made up of alpine and tundra and you would be amazed with its meadows that are covered with numerous edelweiss. You can also find blue poppies right at the foot of the Gumburanjon Mountain. Hardworking farmers around grow a variety of crops like lentils, potatoes, barleys and apricot trees. You can also find some animals on the side like the sheep, horses, dogs, yak and dzo. Zanskar would of course never be out of wildlife animals such as the bear, wolf, bharal, lammergeyer, snow leopard and many more.

The Ladakh zanskar Tour can render you a great deal of trekking experience that would introduce you to its marvelous mountains, pleasing monuments and other temples. All the treks can be either short or long, depending on the package you would prefer but everything offers an enchanting panoramic view of the entire place. The tedious treks in the mountains would be well loved too by the more daring tourists who would even allow them to set their own camp site out in the woods.

Give a new wing to your desire adventure tour in the adventure capital of India with us at It is best online portal for Trekking in Ladakh, Ladakh Adventure Packages, Ladakh Festivals Tour and more.

December 16, 2010

Famous monasteries tours of Leh Ladakh

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Ladakh has a lot of momentous monasteries titled as Gompas, where Buddhist priests and monks breathe, learn and practice their religious conviction. The monasteries of Ladakh region are located in picturesque localities, on mounts and piles and have affluent compilations of Buddhist canvass, paintings and relics.

By way of its icy caped peaks, isolated villages, and antique Buddhist monasteries, the Ladakh Monastery tour transports visitors to another earth. know-how the highly striking tour of travelers natural life in the laps of the Great Himalayas that obtains visitors to a few of the most stunning villages and attractive gompas of Ladakh. The tour to Ladakh monastery traverses plentiful passes; it’s a modest grade trip necessary least of physical fitness and the trail do not rise over 4500m.

If we pay attention on the monasteries of Leh Ladakh, we find some touring monasteries as-

Thiksey Monastery- It is the highly gorgeous among all the monasteries in Ladakh area. This monastery is sited on the north of the Indus River. The Thiskey festival is detained in the month of October- November and at about 80 nuns dwells in this monastery. It has a well-known figurine of Buddha which is 15 meters lofty situated in Ladakh.

Mulbek Gompa is another monastery leads the vale. It is decorated by murals and figurines.

The further monastery is Phyang Gompa which appears great at the crown of an isolated side-valley that narrows north into the Ladakh series from the Srinagar freeway. Here in this monastery Hundreds of pictures of Buddha are placed on wood shelves.

Sumur Monastery: This trek of monastery is the very vital monastery of the Nubra valley of Ladakh area. This monastery is the abode to hundreds of nuns.

Alchi Gompa is solitary among the most stunning and the most discovered monastery of the area. It is the merely monastery in Ladakh which is situated on flat land to impressed the visitors towards Ladakh trekking tour.

Shanti Stupa: The Japanese used for World calm formulate the Shanti Stupa, at Changspa, on the summit, and was inducted by Dalai Lama in the year of 1985.

The monasteries of Leh  Ladakh area are riches home of unusual figurines, beautiful wall pictures, antique thankas and many more and by enjoying these monasteries trek, visitors of Ladakh trekking tours become blissful.

In the region of Ladakh, the monasteries have forever been the heart of spiritual, societal, financial, and political roles. The Ladakh Monastery trek is single of its sorts in Leh Ladakh and the trekkers of Leh Ladakh trekking tour make themselves more profitable by spiritual, societal, and political roles of Leh Ladakh.

December 13, 2010

Famous Trekking Treks in Zanskar Valley

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Leh Ladakh’s famous tour packages would always revolve around trekking tours in Zanskar valley. Majority of the visitors of the place are trekking experts who travel around the world just to explore various trekking adventures. Here are some of the best trekking packages that you should not miss along with what it can amazingly offer you.zanskar trek

Frozen River Trek:- This is the famous name for this trek in Zanskar Chadar. The term Chadar means white blanket or sheet and that is exactly what you will see with all the snow around for this demanding tour. If you are more of a daredevil, then you definitely should not miss this. The general temperature of the place can be as low as negative 30 degrees and even more. You can set up your own campsites to make things warm when night time comes.

Darcha Padum Trek:- This is one of the favorite treks of the expert trekkers since this is also known as the ‘Lost World’. The entire trek begins in Darcha and down to Padum which can be found in the Zanskar Valley. With this trek, you can get to visit other monasteries of Mune and Burdun as you head your way to Padum.

Indus & Nubra Valley Trek:-This trekking tour will introduce you to the two important valleys that have served as a crossroad for various commercial operations in and around India, Tibet and including Central Asia. It will also lead you to the very amazing monasteries that are located in the Indus Valley.

Lamayuru Chilling Trek and Lamayuru Padum Trek:-This is one of the most gorgeous treks you can ever avail for a package since it will bring you to the most antique monasteries in the land. This includes the 11th century monasteries by Lotsawa Rinche Sangpo. Their well famed monastery is what this trek package is most proud of to offer.

Markha Valley Trek:- This is one of the longest yet most diverse treks you can do in the Himalayan region. It would introduce you to stunning peaks and cliffs and other thrilling surprises. It would also give you a view of the summit monasteries which include the Tibetan temples and the parapet. If you would

December 9, 2010

Himalayas Trekking Tours

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Himalayas simply need no introduction to the world, isn’t it? Many poems, stories and novels have been dedicated to the glory of Himalayas and why it shouldn’t be? After all, Himalayan range has some highest mountain peaks, longest stretch of mountains and extreme geotrekking in himalayagraphical conditions one can imagine. With the passage of time Himalayas came to be known for other things as well, adventure in particular. Himalayas are now better known for adventures such as trekking and in language of travel and tour operators, it’s called Himalayas trekking tour. Trekking to this unique place will take you through a destination that has captured the imagination of adventurers across the world.  Many have gone on to describe Himalayas trekking as a perfect blend of excitement, adventure and self realisation. During the entire trek, you have to face some seriously high, cold and extreme places. Don’t forget, Karakoram, india’s highest peak, is located here only.

To be very honest with you readers, many trekkers, particularly from west, have been critical of India as trekking destination. They must have some logic to criticise it but contrary to the belief, trekking in India means a gigantic variety. Apart from Himalayas trek, you can go for mountain biking in Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Sikkim and so on.  Trekking in India is not just an adventure but more than that. It’s a never ending learning experience. You learn new culture, meet up new people and come to know how diverse mankind can be. The essence of diversity can be experienced in Himalayas alone. From some seriously high mountain peaks to holy shrines, world heritage sites, sacred temples, picturesque landscapes, beautiful valleys, stunning peak views and enriched tradition of local people, the trekking expedition to this country means a lot of things.

If you are coming with your family which has kids as well, it’s recommended to trek in the foothills of Himalayas. But in case you are an experienced trekker and want to measure the greatness of Himalayas on own, there are some extremely high altitudes waiting for you. There are several trekking routes of Indian Himalayas. No matter which route you prefer, India will overwhelm you with its nonpareil charm of cliffs and villages. The world’s largest mountain range will offer superlative view of colourful mountains, diverse landscapes, wide range of flora and fauna and so on. Being part of Himalayan landscape and scaling its height is a life time experience.

December 8, 2010

Leh Ladakh Attractive Safaris

Leh is where visitor’s adventure in Ladakh starts. Ancient monasteries, picturesque tracks, vibrant markets and stunning visions of the Himalayas build Leh a striking objectjeep safari in leh ladakhive. Consider over the earth on the Leh Ladakh Trekking which is a heaven for visitors with ample opportunities to well whole adventurers and natural world devotees.

Although the process of Leh Ladakh tour is performed by various Safaris such as Jeep Safari, Camel Safari and a lodes but the importance of few safaris in this tours are explain.

Jeep Safari is the most relaxed and easiest mode to travel around the perfect hill attractiveness of Ladakh. The splendid highs and wasteland of the areas at hands an appealing tempt for the travelers. The gorgeous mount town possesses plentiful attractive Gompas, monasteries and some shrines. The foggy valleys, calm villages, spotless Indus River, barren and icy clad heaps of Ladakh are feels very inspiring when visitors trek here by Jeep Safari. The finest period to benefit from safari in Ladakh is from July to mean October.

The Camel Safari in ladakh is another most attractive safari for trekking in India . The Tour and travel operation offers in depth detail on Camel Safari.

If we talk kinds of camel safari, Bactrian Camels in India are establishing only in Nubra Valley region of Ladakh. The Bactrian Camels are twice humbled and are the descendents of their associates as of Gopi waste in Mongolia stated in Central Asia. Visitors take pleasure in open ride on Camel Safari in Nubra Valley region and in Leh area on top, throughout the Ladakh fiesta.

Although scattered various safari in Leh Ladakh area yet Jeep safari and Camel Safari considered most imminent safari by which the visitors enjoy lots of in the lap of the nature during the trekking in India.

December 6, 2010

Top Trekking Treks Of Ladak

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Ladakh means “land of high passes “. It is located in the earth’s heaven state Jammu Kashmir and guarded by two mighty mountains Karakoram and sacred Himalaya. ladakh is world’s highest adventures destination. Ladakh is heaven for trekking, mountain, climbing, river rafting, mountain biking tour in ladakh, jeep safari, yak safari, camel safari in ladakh paragliding etc. ladakh is famous for its adventures trekking and treks in India . You can also find beautiful Buddhist monasteries and colourful market, nice handicraft, rich culture and amazing surrounding views. If you are really looking for a great adventures trip then ladakh is waiting for you.

Ladakh is the most important trekking region of the country. Leh is capital of ladakh and the town from where your adventure of heaven is started .it is amazing for a little bit relaxation like shopping, enjoying culture, buying local handicraft or visiting holy Buddhist monasteries, memorable views of Himalayas you can capture from there.
Ladakh offers exciting rang of trekking treks. some most strange rout is spituk to markha valley trek, zanskar trek, sham trek, nubra valley trek, snow leopard trek, darcha padum trek, frozen river trek, lamayuru wild la alchi trek, wild ladakh trekking are best option and if you are experience holder in trekking and want some more adventure then you can try hemis rupsa darcha treke, stok kangri trek and remote zanskar trek,  darcha lamayuru trek etc.

Most Popular Treks of Ladakh

  • Frozen river trek
  • Lamayuru alchi
  • Indus valley
  • Markha valley
  • Stok kangri
  • Nubra valley
  • Darcha padam

Trekking on a frozen river fell like a miracle and nubra valley’s mild climate and beautiful surrounding views gives a mental peace and refreshing body & mind. ladkh colour of your imagination about adventure. The climate of ladakh is very cold so please take your well quality warm cloths who can keep you warm .Beside trekking and other adventures activity you can also enjoy light shopping, great traditional food and oracles ladakh is famous for handicraft and colourful market and Buddhist monasteries. You will surely impress with ladakh people warm hospitability and don’t forget to ride a yak safari .for making your trip comfortable with adventure there are many best packages.

December 3, 2010

Popular Trekking Treks In Ladakh

Ladakh is globally famed for its amazing heights, steep valleys, challenging climatic conditions and so on—all ingredients for ultimate fun and adventure at single location. Sounds exciting right? This ultimate excitement has been attracting ladakh treksadventure lovers across the world. The most popular way to explore incredible Ladakh is trekking

The Karakoram and the Great Himalayas are considered as the world’s two most exhilarating mountain ranges. These dynamic ranges unite to form Ladakh—planet’s highest adventure destination. The region is globally famed for its amazing heights, steep valleys, challenging climatic conditions and so on—all ingredients for ultimate fun and adventure at single location. Sounds exciting right? This ultimate excitement has been attracting adventure lovers across the world. The most popular way to explore incredible Ladakh is trekking.

Before briefing about popular trekking treks ladakh, let us tell you that Ladakh region is one of the most important trekking regions in the country. Leh is a very critical town in that region. Leh is the town from where you kick off your trek. The town is itself amazing and fantastic place to study the diversity of the Indian culture. The exotic destination is inclusive of colourful markets, mesmerising views of the great Himalayas and age-old monasteries. Leh Ladakh trekking is a paradise for trekkers with ample of scopes to perform all kinds of extreme adventures. Those who love nature should also go for trekking in Ladakh. Duration of trekking tour may vary from one day to even one month. And it includes walking, cycling, biking, driving, rafting and so on. Sport activities or anything crazy you can imagine, Ladakh has all.

Ladakh offers wonderful range of trekking trails. One of the most popular routes is Spituk to Markha Valley. Another popular trek is Ladakh Zanskar trek, which is held along the Zanskar River. Indus Valley trek is also hit. Some other options in Ladakh trekking include Sham trek, Spituk trek and the Nubra Valley trek. Spiti valley trek, snow leopard trails trek, Darcha Padum Trek, Pangong Lake Trek, Indus Valley Trek, Frozen River Trek and Junglam trek are also good options. If you want to go to extreme, you should try Stok Kangri Trek, Nubra Valley trek, Markha Valley, Alchi – Lamayuru Trek and the Rupshu Valley Trek

Popular Ladakh Trekking Routes are:

1.       Leh Ladakh Trek

2.       Frozen River Trek

3.       Lamayuru Alchi Trek

4.       Ladakh Zanskar Trek

5.       Indus valley trek

6.       Ladakh Monastery trek

7.       Markha Valley trek

8.       Stok Kangri Trek

9.       Nubra Valley trek

10.    Darcha Padum Trek

Ladkah trekking is more than beautiful views of snow-capped peaks touching the blue sky or colourful flags waving in dry cold wind. It is also about the less talked and mysterious old culture of Ladakhi people and their warm hospitability.

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