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December 2, 2010

Rediscovering Adventures with Trekking Tours

Trekking is a very active and adventurous Outdoor Sport. It involves the working of your legs and arms simultaneously with full strength and zeal. It’s a job of extreme focus on the way and grip. Trekking is done using a pair of trekking sticks, trekking shoes and other things as well. It is mandatory for the trekker to be in a fit & fine condition with a positive attitude for trekking. In India, we have a lot many trekking sites for exploring Adventure. The scenic beauty of such spots is just mesmerizing. Let’s have an adventure trekking tour ladakh to some of the fantastic trekking destinations in India.

Ladakh Trekking Tour: Ladakh- the land of Gompa, the land of Nomad. It is one of the most exotic locations for exploring Scenic beauty and adventure sports. It is located at some kilometers from the Indus River and its extensive valley, With High altitude mountain terrains at about 9000 feet. The temperature shows extreme variations with the temperatures reaching 27 degrees in summers and in winters the temperature may reach up to -20 degrees in leh. Ladakh is a very exciting place to have fun. Ladakh is an exotic location for trekkers and adventure lovers with the world’s highest mountain peaks like Greater Himalayas and the Karakoram, the Ladakh Zanskar range. Besides, it also features a medley of popular trek routes such as spituk to Markha Valley, Lamayuru Gompa to Chilling. Its extreme weather conditions and geographical location attracts trekkers from all over the world.

Leh Ladakh tour: Leh is a small township at a side valley in the northern Indus Valley. The city has a nine storied palace which is its iconic feature. It was built by Ladakh’s ruler Sengge Namgyal in the early 17th century. The town is a Puzzle of little box buildings bristling with brushwood stored over the roof for winter, with lush green fields all over. Leh is situated at an altitude of 3505 meters and it is in eastern direction from Jammu and Kashmir. The city has lots of interesting things to watch and explore. You can walk along and have fun. Outdoor eating at open air garden and sidewalk restaurants is a great fun. You can enjoy Tibetan, Indian and even Continental cuisine in these restaurants. Best time to visit leh is from June to end September. Leh has a mystic beauty which is worth to be explored.

Markha Valley Trek: The Markha Valley trek is one of the most exotic and spectacular treks in Ladakh. Its scenic beauty is enhanced with the presence of features like giant rock pinnacles, beetling cliffs, prayer-flagged passes and narrow defiles. Trekking alongside the Markha Valley in the little Tibet, You will tend to be at the high altitudes and enjoy views of the Great Himalayan, Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. Trekkers cross two high passes. The other attractions of this reason are the Trailing Winds, Wild roses and pastel canyons. There’s a lot more to see and explore in this belt. You can know about the lifestyle of the Nomadic families, yaks and Monasteries.

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December 1, 2010

Enjoying a Wide Variety of Amazing Indian Trekking Tours

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One of the best ways to enjoy the adventures and excitement of an Indian trekking tour would be by trying to go trekking in Ladakh. The place is famous in the world being the territory of Gompa and found in the northernmost part of India, the place of Ladakh is about seven kilometers away from a huge valley and the ever famous Indus River.

The Indian trekking tour in Ladakh would let you enjoy the tracks of the Himalaya which compels every passionate trekker to be up for the adventure it has. It is also considered as a main Buddhist hub along with its clean and cold temperature plus the picturesque view of the high mountains around.

Ladakh has surely impressed numerous visitors for being considered as seventh heaven, especially for the mountain climbers and the avid trekkers. They offer the most amazing of tour packages in trekking at very affordable rates. They have all the right facilities to ensure the safety of the visitors and let them enjoy a one of a kind exploration of this part of the world.

Before you even go about this amazing Indian trekking tour, you must prepare yourself to be a natural born survivor. This is because the entire nature of the place would surely test you in wide varieties of activities like trekking on iced river with the Zanskar River. The frozen river trek should really make you feel cold and hence you should be ready with keeping warm with your clothes and making a well heated bonfire at night. This package usually runs for 19 nights and 20 days making this a true once in a lifetime trek. Most of these spots can only be accessed during the winter months that make it a lot more interesting to explore.

Another is the Lamayuru Alchi trek that would lead you to witnessing the most amazing monasteries in Ladakh along with its beautiful wildlife. The tour package for this takes about9 days which would let you pass through many places in India. Then there is also the Darcha Lamayuru trekking package is longer than the two previously mentioned packages for this would take 25 nights and 26 days. This would be the trek that would lead you to the western end of the Himalayas.

Other Indian trekking tours that are worth mentioning and worth trying would include the Indus & Nubra Valley trek, Sham valley trek, Stok Kangri expedition, Sabu to Nubra trek, Markha valley trek, Lamayuru Padum and many more. You can rest in the world class Leh Ladakh hotels, enjoy other adventure tours and participate in the Ladakh festivals.

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