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January 31, 2011

A Seamless World of Ladakh

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Ladakh…a beautiful place situated in the northern state of India. Endowed with mesmerizing charm Ladakh is a treasure for mankind. Hidden in the laps of mighty Himalayas, Ladakh is must-explore destinations. Regardless the growing number of footfalls to this destination, Ladakh preserves its natural beauty and charm. The fantastic destination is mainly known for its unique geographical location that is said to be most extreme on earth. And that is what has been luring adventure lovers across the world. Mountain Biking tour in Ladakh name the adventure you want, Ladakh tour will serve you. However, confining Ladakh just as an adventure destination will not be justice…considering the seamless opportunities and choices it serves to us. Ladakh is perfect holiday destination as it renders utmost peace, fun and of course the isolation that you are in search of. Ladakh is located at a unique place. The hustle bustle of city life, All kinds and suffocation of an exploding population has still been at bay when it comes to Ladakh. What a marvelous location it is.

Now talking about things other than adventure. Ladakh is known for its beauty as aforesaid and of course it’s enriched culture. Ladakh culture is very different from other cultures in India, even neighboring Kashmir. It somehow resembles Tibet, as is filled with various monasteries and other buddhism pilgrimages. Peace is foundation of Ladakh culture. Very colorful, enchanting and of course bewildering. The amusing rituals of the Ladakhis will leave you completely surprised. Having chit chat with the locals is an amazing experience. They are hospitable and loving. They share everything with you as long you are friendly. None of tourists have ever claimed of being forged or looted over here. One of the safest places in India.

Ladakh is not just a man affair, it’s for ladies too. The gangs which arrive here mostly include girls. And they do not have any problems here. The fascinating beauty of Ladakh equally charms the ladies. Those who wish to take away their beloved ones to unique places, they should opt for Ladakh. Very isolated and peaceful, exactly what a couple will look for. And those who are fed up of noise and busy lifestyle, Ladakh is prescribed to them. Sports lover may not get such a gigantic field to play any sport. How about cricket in Ladakh? Doesn’t it excite the idea of playing cricket in laps of mountains with no one to disturb? Well Ladakh is such fantastic zone. Truly said, Ladakh is a seamless world.

January 27, 2011

A Morning In Mesmerising Ladakh

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Words fall short to describe how amazing mornings are in Ladakh! Well, I will try bit so that you can have glimpse of that wonderful experience. Ladakh, surrounded by gigantic mountains, layered below a lush blue sky and endowed with a tranquilising isolation, is a dream destination for every adventure lover. And even if you don’t have an adventure agenda, the enriched culture, Buddhist religion and its remains, native people and their lifestyles are something that can bewilder you forever. And if you are an adventure lover, Ladakh is not less than a heaven for you. After all where in the world you get such extreme conditions, be it geographical location or varying climate. The steep valleys, zigzag paths and miles of deserts will throw a challenge to you. Mountaineering, bike riders, jeep safari in ladakh or anything you have on your mind, Ladakh is simply superb.

Well, I am not an adventurist or one who seeks isolation. Ladakh tour was nothing but a normal holiday tour. But I didn’t have a clue what Ladakh has in store for me. The time when I arrived here, it was already half day. To be very honest, I fell in love with Ladakh at first sight. It was a never-before-felt experience. Gigantic, huge…I just cannot explain the vastness of Ladakh. The huge space with no hustle bustle of city life, Ladakh appeared as a dream canvas of any artist. And now I realised why most selling sceneries are based on Ladakh and why adventure throng this place. In evening it was cold…very cold I mean.

Thanks to our travel organisers, we were well prepared for such extreme weather and cold climate just seemed fun then. Dance, music and lot of gossips, I think these are the finest activities in Ladakh to be done. No one will stop you, nothing will bother you and obviously nothing will come in your way. After a light dinner, I slept. And when I opened my eyes next time…it was a fabulous scene. The pale yellow reddish light of sun scattered in every nook and corner of Ladakh. Everything was glittering! Freshness of the morning along with aroma of soil, I guess no artist can let go that inspirational moment to create a masterpiece. Well, I am no artist either though I felt even I could create after seeing this. The morning, with no words said by anyone, with a lot of words said by the Mother Nature, really energised me. A sip of coffee in laps of such gigantic place really relaxed my nerves.

That morning moment is very fresh in my mind. Please go Ladakh once in your life. It’s a deserving destination.

January 20, 2011

Adventure Tour To Ladakh

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Ladakh can be best defined as land of mystical gompas and can be best spotted with its rugged terrains and several passes and rocks. Situated at an average height of 3,513 meters avove sea level in northmostern state of India Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is often called as “little Tibet”. Ladakh is also famous for Siachen, which is the world’s largest glacier. Endowed with mesmerising natural beauty, Ladakh has always been paradise for adventure lovers. The mesmerising land is surrounded by enormous snow capped mountain peaks ranging from 2,500 to 4,500 metres. People from different parts of the world come here to experience the best adventure tour possible on earth.

Climate in Ladakh: Ladakh is known for its extreme climatic conditions, specially winters when temperature slips as low as -20C, while maximum temperature remains up to 15C. However, summers are relatively better as the temperature hovers between -3C to 30C. The most suitable season to visit Ladakh is from April to June and September to November.

Trekking In Ladakh: Ladakh region is no less than heaven for trekkers. Trekking is the most carried out activity in Ladakh. In fact it is the most popular adventure activity in Ladakh. There are various aspects of this mesmering region which draws attention of nature and adventure lovers across the world. Some of the most popular trekking trails to explore mystic Ladakh are o Ladakh are in Zanskar Valley Trek, Nubra Valley Trek. Trekking expedition in Ladakh helps you explore into a completely new lifestyle, culture and traditions of local natives. The Buddhist monasteries scattered in various parts of the region, exclusive views of snow capped Himalayas and of course the complete isolation from hustle bustle of cities bring you much closer to the nature divine.

Jeep Safari in Ladakh: Well, it will be not wrong to say that adventure is complimentary word to Ladakh. Both go hand in hand. Jeep safari is one of the most enjoyable options of exploring the zigzag valleys, rugged terrains during a Ladakh adventure tour. It is one of the most popular options for those who are hesitant to explore Ladakh on own. To put in, Jeep Safari In Ladakh is a fabulous experience to explore high passes, valleys, glaciers and some of the wonderful lakes.

Mountaineering in Ladakh: Ladakh is also perfect for mountaineers. The presence of some mesmerising mountain peaks make this region simply delight for mountaineers. Zanskar range is one of the most popular destinations for mountaineering. The rising number of people thronging Ladakh for mountaineering shows the popularity of this kind of adventure.

January 14, 2011

Amazing Experience Of Ladakh Trekking Tour

Nestled in gigantic Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, Ladakh region is a wealthy asset from the mother nature. Situated in the northern most state of India Jammu Kashmir, Ladakh is a mesmerising tourism destination. Endowed with fabulous geographical beauties, Ladakh is one of the most popular trekking destinations in South Asia. The extreme conditions be it weather or geography, mere an idea of trekking at this destination thrills an adventure lover. It’s often said that trekkers bewildered by the enchanting beauty of this place are compelled to trek here. Ladakh, complimented by appalling temperatures and high mountainous pictures, is considered as main Buddist hub since 3rd century AD. In spite of advent of Islamic and British cultures, Ladakh retained its glorious culture and beauty. The groups of gompas residing at this place marvel the experience of trekking Ladakh.

Ladakh trekking is an amazing experience as the steep valleys and rivers at this destination brings out the best of your trekking skills. Trekking In Ladakh is not just an adventure but a journey of learning and understanding. You will get to explore several cultures, Ladakh lifestyle and cuisines. The learning experience is seriously amazing. The people thronging here in great numbers cherish memories of every second spent over here. Trekkers are tempted with peaks and Ladakh and Zanskar series. Spituk to Markha dale, Lamayuru Gompa to Chilling and Likir to Temisgam, Stok Kangri trek, Nubra Valley hike, Trans Zanskar ramble, Rupshu vale trail are some new additions to Ladakh trekking prospects.

While you trek Ladakh, you get to explore some of the incomparable valleys and scenery such as Spituk-Markha Valley Trek, Laayury gompa, Chilling, Likir, Temisgam and many more. The conditions will make you believe why Darwin coined the idea of survival of the fittest. In Ladakh, the nature is going to test you. Your courage, ability to deal with unique conditions and other challenges ensure you are enjoying best Ladakh treking tour.

To have best trekking experience, you need to hire a good tour and travel operator. A proficient operator will ensure a good time in Ladakh. They will provide end-to-end guidance along with perhaps amenities you will require during ladakh trekking. To get more out of the Ladakh experience, you need to prepare bit for the tour. Prepare your bag with right kind of clothes and things such as sunscreen lotion. Having ample knowledge of Ladakh tour itinerary will help you enjoy a lot more.

January 11, 2011

Visiting Ladakh With A Dalai Lama Tour- A Lifetime Experience

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Glorious Ladakh is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Ladakh is mainly known for its peculiar geographical conditions, extreme weather conditions and an unexplored culture. Adventure lovers throng Ladakh in huge numbers to experience the nature’s one of the most difficult challenges thrown at the mankind. Be it trekking or jeep safari in Ladakh or a vacation without any motive, spending time in Ladakh is simply special. Another emphatic way of explore Ladakh is a Dalai Lama tour. Surprised? Yes, it’s an innovative tour designed with an objective to promote religious importance of Ladakh. As aforesaid, popularity of cultural heritage of Ladakh has remained relatively overshadowed by the popularity of jeep safaris and bike tours. The Dalai Lama particularly aims at pitching destinations with religious importance among the tourists aspiring for ladakh tour. And that has been the reason of naming the tour after Tibetan spiritual guru. A religious tour of Ladakh does not mean you are deprived of adventure or fun. The tour retains all the extreme adventure and fun tourists expect from Ladakh. The tour offers you trekking, tours to Chakki Bank, Dharamshala and lot more.

On a normal Dalai Lama tour you kick off journey from New Delhi and visit several destinations in Ladakh and places like Chakki Bank and Dharamshala. The abundance of mesmerising travel destinations will simply fascinate you. Nubra Valley and plenty more valleys are enough to capture your imaginations. The lasting impression of Ladakh is very inspiring and rejuvenating. Dharamshala tour is also great. Besides gigantic Himalayas, you can watch local market, taste local cuisine and don local apparels. And that is not all; you can learn a lot of things about glorious Buddhism religion.

Why you should go for Dalai Lama tour? If you are fed up with hustle bustle of daily life, if you want something to relax your mind, body and soul, if you like nature and respect religion, and if you want to explore Ladakh in an innovative way, then Dalai Lama tour is for you. The journey is very relaxing. The isolated destinations help you interact with yourself and attain a serenity which you will never get in metros and cities. The calmness and peace will simply sooth your nerves and mind. Just watching pictures of yourself in laps of such gigantic mountains will mesmerise and energise you to go all out at what you do best. A Dalai Lama tour is important for everyone!

January 8, 2011

Ladakh Monastery Tour

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Trekking packages in Ladakh are not just about getting in closer touch with nature or seeing very pleasant sceneries. It is also not just for families in search for some great and good bonding times together for a vacation. Since the place boasts of a variety of monasteries, you would also realize that their trekking packages are also meant for those who are seeking some spiritual rejuvenation. Almost every trekking tour somehow has features of introducing you to some of its most celebrated monasteries but here are two of the most popular monastery tours you can do in the area.

The Dalai Lama Tour

This is in tribute to the famous religious leader of the Buddhist beliefs who is Dalai Lama. He serves as the leader of the Tibetan Buddhism branch. Did you even know that Dalai Lama means the highest priest of ocean? An entire Dalai Lama tour would render you experiences of amazing trekking and see the most stunning and amazing places to give you more serenity and allow you to relax while keeping in touch with your spiritual side.

This is one good reason why most of the participants of the Dalai Lama tour are those who really want to achieve relaxation for their busy minds and lifestyles. This is considered to be one genuine, religious tour you can make in India. This Ladakh tour though would be most appreciated by those who share the same Buddhist religion.

Experience The Great Buddhist Tour

The place of Ladakh would always be considered as a land not just full of stunning and panoramic views of nature but also packed with all the great monasteries. Their monasteries serve as proof that it is truly one mystic land which also marks the Himalayas and the plateaus of Tibet.

Ladakh is always known for its rich Buddhist culture along with its place’s naturally exotic beauty. Many of the monasteries you will see here are considered ancient which almost all hold precious relics that have connection with Buddha’s life. The best time to visit the monasteries of Ladakh should be during their festival season too so that you would feel its uplifting spirit and bring you a very enriching experience that it worth remembering. Buddhism will always be the most predominant religion that is practiced in Ladakh. And its high culture would always bring you closer connections with the entire Tibet.

Lah-Ladakh is not only the adventure capital of India but also a great spiritual centre for Buddhist. Our expert team providing Ladakh Monastery Tour, Frozen River Trekking Tour, Ladakh Adventure Tour Packages, hotels in ladakh and more. For more information browse

January 5, 2011

Easy Treks In Ladakh

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The fun and adventure that one can experience in trekking should not be limited to the ones that are natural enthusiasts or experts in this type of activity. In fact, if you would do enough research, you would be happy to discover that there are actually easy treks in Ladakh that even the beginners can do.

Sham Valley Trek
The Sham Valley Trek is known to be one of the easiest amongst all the other Ladakh treks. It would bring you to the richest and diverse villages in the area and would also introduce you to the simple monasteries. Along with all these, you would already enjoy the beautiful places that surround it too and feel embraced by nature.

Indus Valley Trek
This is another easy grade trek that would lead you to a very interesting route as if transporting you back to the ancient times. You would arrive to the various monasteries and all neighboring regions that are all just as amazing like the Hemis, Shey, Spitok, Phyang, Thiksey, Alchi and many more. You can be sure that you will not be pushed to go for more than 4500m for this Indus Valley Trek. It will also bring you to the Tibethan paths of other villages.

Spituk To Stok Trek
This is another short and easy trek that would range from Spituk and Stok. It is highly accessible right in the midst of an amazing visual treat from nature. It is not so difficult especially for those who do not want to have a hard time during the trek. This is perfect for those travelers who want to trek in solitude and achieve some peace during the vacation. It is perfect to start with for traveling around Leh Ladakh.

With all these options that are considered easy treks in Ladakh, it is time for you to say goodbye to all your hesitations just because you think the activity is tough.

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