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January 27, 2011

A Morning In Mesmerising Ladakh

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Words fall short to describe how amazing mornings are in Ladakh! Well, I will try bit so that you can have glimpse of that wonderful experience. Ladakh, surrounded by gigantic mountains, layered below a lush blue sky and endowed with a tranquilising isolation, is a dream destination for every adventure lover. And even if you don’t have an adventure agenda, the enriched culture, Buddhist religion and its remains, native people and their lifestyles are something that can bewilder you forever. And if you are an adventure lover, Ladakh is not less than a heaven for you. After all where in the world you get such extreme conditions, be it geographical location or varying climate. The steep valleys, zigzag paths and miles of deserts will throw a challenge to you. Mountaineering, bike riders, jeep safari in ladakh or anything you have on your mind, Ladakh is simply superb.

Well, I am not an adventurist or one who seeks isolation. Ladakh tour was nothing but a normal holiday tour. But I didn’t have a clue what Ladakh has in store for me. The time when I arrived here, it was already half day. To be very honest, I fell in love with Ladakh at first sight. It was a never-before-felt experience. Gigantic, huge…I just cannot explain the vastness of Ladakh. The huge space with no hustle bustle of city life, Ladakh appeared as a dream canvas of any artist. And now I realised why most selling sceneries are based on Ladakh and why adventure throng this place. In evening it was cold…very cold I mean.

Thanks to our travel organisers, we were well prepared for such extreme weather and cold climate just seemed fun then. Dance, music and lot of gossips, I think these are the finest activities in Ladakh to be done. No one will stop you, nothing will bother you and obviously nothing will come in your way. After a light dinner, I slept. And when I opened my eyes next time…it was a fabulous scene. The pale yellow reddish light of sun scattered in every nook and corner of Ladakh. Everything was glittering! Freshness of the morning along with aroma of soil, I guess no artist can let go that inspirational moment to create a masterpiece. Well, I am no artist either though I felt even I could create after seeing this. The morning, with no words said by anyone, with a lot of words said by the Mother Nature, really energised me. A sip of coffee in laps of such gigantic place really relaxed my nerves.

That morning moment is very fresh in my mind. Please go Ladakh once in your life. It’s a deserving destination.

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