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April 24, 2013

Manali Travel Guide For Unfamiliar People

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This content is dedicated to the most wonderful hill station in India “Manali”. It is located in the northern part of India and one of the famous cities in Himachal Pradesh. It is a great hill station to spend summer vacation in India. There are number of people from different parts of the countries visit this place during the summer. Even in winter, it experiences a lot of visitors who enjoy snow scattered landscapes.

Manali Tour PackageIt is situated in the way passes through Leh in Jammu and Kashmir a beautiful place in India. Here you can get amazing opportunity to enjoy the snow covered ranges of mighty Himalayas and the cheerful Beas River. The place looks beautiful and exhibits beautiful work of almighty God. You can see a number of trekkers climbing on this hill station at the time of summer holiday. This tourist spot is the ultimate choice of nature lovers and the honeymooners. There is no certain season to visit for Manali. It looks fabulous at the time of summers as well as in the winter. It has got soothing ambience and delightful attractions.

Let’s see the significant tourist spots you should visit according the Manali travel guide. In old Manali, you can see Rahala waterfalls, Tibetan monasteries, Rohtang Pass, Nehru Kund, Solang Valley, Manikaran, Manali Sanctuary, Vashisth Village, the great Himalayan National Park and club houses. To Manali, you can get several Manali tour packages from different tour organizers which give you complete accessibility and comfort. It is globally popular as Switzerland of India. At the time of the winter, you can feel cool ambience, breathtaking experience and others. It is nice to enjoy seeing the white snow covered in all parts of Manali. Everything looks dreamy and superb.

Manali has good connection via Rail, Air and Road from major parts of the country. There is no direct train to reach Manali, so you have to reach Jogindernagar first and from there you have to hire a taxi. Himachal Transport Corporation offers you a several semi and full luxurious buses to enjoy its beauty. These luxury buses run from Delhi, Dharamshala, Dehradun, Ambala, Chandigarh and other places. Kullu is its nearest airport and well connected with several airports of the country.

A View of DharamshalaApart from these things, Manali has no dearth of nice hotels and resorts to spend fabulous time. But you have to choose according to your choice and budget. All the hotels in Manali is located in good place from where you can enjoy magnetic view of the hills. Along with luxurious hotels, it has budget hotels too to feel the life of here. Due to great enthusiasm, people often prefer to book a taxi or cab so that they could enjoy the sightseeing of their trip. The sightseeing is awesome and superb that you will never want to remove from your mind. To have a great journey you should hire a well known travel organization to save your time and money. They know how to arrange your tour and give you complete assistance so that you could enjoy your trip. At the end, Manali is a great place to enjoy your vacation especially for those who are planning a refreshing tour of India. Wishing a happy journey ahead!

Cultural Bonanza Programe in Jammu and Kashmir

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KashmirThe two months long cultural bonanza will start in the state of Jammu and Kashmir for next month.  The festival the cultural bonanza is scheduled to start on 4th day of May form Pahalgam alongside the Drama Festival would be held in the valley of Srinagar in next month with folk song.

It is planned to extensive activity with kashmiri folk in the collaboration of the state tourism department during which it is said to weekly local folk music and theater performance along with Ghazals and light music.

Among the all other activities there is also scheduled for children like All India Painting Camp, All India, Sculptors Camp and Writers Camp are scheduled for the forthcoming summer season.

Beside just this there are lots of more are scheduled to do as award function for best publisher, films and many more. Rush today and book your Jammu and Kashmir Tour and enjoy the even seen face of Kashmir.

December 3, 2012

Trekking in Zanskar: An adventure of a lifetime

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Zanskar River Snap

Zanskar, the best adventure destination  in Jammu & Kashmir tourism, is situated at an altitude of about 4000 meters above Zanskar area is popular for some of the earliest Buddhist monasteries. These ancient places of pilgrimage are famous because of their architecture and traditional heritage. In the monasteries you will discover colorful wall painting and thangkas. This traditional handicrafts as well as paintings are quite popular among the foreign visitors and it is among the important tourist places of interest. Limited by the high mountain ranges and the deep valleys, the place is a paradise for travelers. Have an exciting Zanskar trek trip to find out the charms of the valley. Tourists come to this place to spend their time enjoying in the lap of nature, admiring the marvelous beauty of the place. It is among the most popular places of excursions in India that you simply will cherish throughout your lifetime. the ocean level. This wonderful valley is filled with little towns and stunning monasteries located upon the high cliffs. Its snow caped mountain peaks causes it to be an ideal adventurous location for quest lovers as the place is filled with a scent of mystery and adventure in each step. You are going to be fascinated to see the splendor of the nature where Stod and Lungnak rivers join and make the Zanskar River which is one of the best white water rafting locations. The most popular time to go there is during the winter months. During that time, the entire valley is covered with a white layer which is the layer of snow. In winter, you’ll witness a lot of trekkers from all around the world.

Zanskar Valley Trekking Snap

Adventure lovers who wish to do some thrilling adventure sports, like Zanskar trekking may explore here. Everyone knows that Alps – the favorite place among hikers as well as mountaineers. Similarly, Zanskar is regarded as the most prominent place for trekking in India. Zanskar tourism could be a great experience. Your Zanskar trek tours could be short or long-term, depending on the package which you prefer.

Before traveling there, make sure that you have the necessary things. Remember to wear woolen clothes since the region enjoys a cool climate, especially during the morning and night. Likewise wear gloves, mufflers and thick socks since it keeps you comfortable during Zanskar trekking. Zanskar’s vegetation could be found in the low valley areas. Most of them are alpine tundra while the meadows are covered with abundant edelweiss.

December 2, 2011

Journey To The Buddhist Stronghold Of Himalayas

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Along with an exciting adventure sport, trekking is a wonderful exercise for your body and legs it is an on foot journey to places inaccessible by transport. Though difficult, the fun and excitement attached to trekking makes it a favorite sport for many. The breath taking view of the lofty mountain, beautiful valley, crystal clear lakes and rivers attracts tourist and travelers from all around the world. The main trekking routes include Yuksam, Leh, Kangra, Kulu, Lahaul-spit the Ladakh Zanskar trek and the Stok Kangri trek. Several travel agents are available to help to choose your ideal trekking route. There are also many hotels and resorts to make your trekking experience comfortable and convenient.

Situated at an altitude of 5350 m the Zanskar region lies along the Pansila water range. The isolated Himalayan valley, decorated by tiny Alpine lakes and bounded by snow covered peaks; the Ladakh Zanskar Trek is an enticing place for mountain lovers. One can also get a panoramic view of the famous Drang- Drung glacier, which is one of the largest glaciers in the Ladkh region. Doda and Stod are the main tributaries of the Zanskar River that flows along the Zanskar valley. Spread along an area of 5000sq km the Zanskar valley is home to the Trekking in LadakhBuddhist population. The Zanskar region is surrounded by deep gorgeous and high rise mountains. Due to extreme temperature during the winters these areas remain inaccessible throughout the winters, for around eight months. If you are lucky you can also come across the remote caves, used by the Buddhist saints for meditation.

The Stok Kangri Trek at an altitude of 20075 is one of the most prominent peaks of the Leh. Trekking in this valley one can come across the beautiful Buddhist monasteries, at Hemsi, Thikse, Shey. One can also trek through the Markha valley region from here. The picturesque location and pleasant weather, takes away the stress of the tedious journey. The small and pretty Budhist villages, that one can see while trekking in this region gives a glimpse of authentic Budhist culture. The path runs along the Nimaling plain below the majestic peak of the Kang Yatze. There are also many camping options that one can venture into, while trekking along the path. It is an interesting as well as challenging task to climb the steep mountains of the Himalayas. There are a few hotels that one can use as comfortable resting places, in their trekking expedition.

November 28, 2011

Experience Ladakh With Dalai Lama Tour

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Ladakh is said to be one of the beautiful places in the world. Its location is in Great Himalayan rain shadow so during the summer it lacks rainfall but it is covered with snow till late May.Though most of the tourists visit Ladakh throughout the year but the best period to visit Ladakh is from June to October. After November most of the trekking routes are covered with snow and the trekkers don’t get the opportunity to trek.

You can easily visit Ladakh with the help of various tour packages. There are numbers of Ladakh Tour Packages which are of great help for exploring Ladakh conveniently and comfortably. In order to take service of any of the packages, you have to arrive at Delhi. From Delhi you can reach to Ladakh by various suitable ways as organized by the packages. Though there are different tour packages which offer you the opportunity to visit the places like Leh, Shay, Thiksay, Hemis and again come back to Leh. You will wander the places like sight seeing of Shay Palace, Hemis and Thiksey monastery which is located on the bank of Indus River. You will also get the chance to visit Khardongla. From here you will get the marvelous view of Stok and Karakoram ranges.

Dalai Lama Tour offers the visitors to enjoy the experience of trekking. There are different trekking destinations in Ladakh. Dalai Lama tour is said to be a total religious tour.

Most of the people know this fact that Dalai Lama was in the branch of Tibetan Buddhism. He was a great Buddhist leader. Even the name “Dalai Lama’’ is known for the highest priest of ocean. It is a famous belief among the lovers of Dalai Lama that he is the rebirth of tulkus.

Basically the Dalai Lama tour offers the visitors to experience and enjoy the trekking in different treks like Dharamshala, chakki bank etc. It offers the opportunity for trekkers to experience the beauty of most stunning places which provide a great relaxation and pleasure. If any person feels frustrated in his or her life then he or she must go for Dalai Lama tour. It relax your mind as along with beauty it is also a religious place where you will relax as well as you will get peace of mind. This place is mainly related with the Buddhist but in general people from all corners of the world visit it as a religious place.

October 29, 2011

An Adventurous Experience At Ladakh

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Amid the colossal Himalayan ranges you would want to experience tranquility of nature and the serenity of Buddhism. Ladakh Trekking Tour offers its travelers just what they want. These tours are unimaginably thrilling for enthusiastic trekkers. Travelers can opt for tours from Camel Safari in Ladakh, a six day tour inclusive of the most famous safari in Ladakh. Mountain biking tour in Ladakh, an eight day tour is a venture biking journey it takes the travelers to several uppermost mountain passes in India. The Jeep Safari in Ladakh is an eleven day expedition that is an essential safari on the icy field of Ladakh. It covers the central and moving places offering a chance to relate with the Ladakhi natives. Adventure Biking Tour is and adventure packed tour which is a major tour of Leh Ladakh by Biking. This tour features adventurous activities in Leh Ladakh’s icy region which is one of the high lights of the tour.

Stok Kangri Trek is a seven day super adventurous trek. The adventure starts at Leh with the Leh Monastery Tour on the 1st day and the 2nd day followed by Stok. The 3rd day, 4th day and the 5th day are spent going through the valley, after which the trek turns south towards Mankarmo from Mankarmo Camp it reaches the Base Camp. Trekkers then go up to Summit and back to the camp. The 6th day starts from the base camp taking the trekkers to Stok and ends back at Leh.

Zanskar Tour Package is simply fun during the Ladakh Zanskar tour. A 7 nights and 6 days adventurous expedition covers Leh, Kargil, Rangdum, Tungri, Sani, Padum and Parkachik regions. Zanskar, a triple-armed dale mode region is located between the Great Himalayan ranges and the Zanskar mounts. Tourists enjoy this perfectly designed tour of Ladakh Zanskar. The tour offers visits an amazing view of the distinctive and attractive place like as Kargil, Rangdun, Tungrri, Sani, Padum, Parkachik. During Ladakh Zanskar trekking tour the trekkers experience various regions, their festivals and cultures and have an unforgettable glimpse of this region. In short this tour takes trekker amid the cultural beauty of Ladhak. In the entire Ladakh Zanskar tour, the traveler can take a one had experience of adventures in the icy-capped region, offering biking, cycling, ridding and more. The last day of the trek which is the seventh day, the trekkers return to the Kargil region.

October 17, 2011

Famous Trekking Tracks Of Ladakh

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The beautiful Himalayan range is a precious wealth of India. The beautiful Ladakh, the famous Buddhist hub is also known as a seventh heaven for tourist visiting India. Ladakh is very famous for attracting travelers from all over the globe because of its distinct natural beauty and the beautifully huge Himalayan range. Trekking at Ladakh is again very famous due to the Himalayan range. The Himalayan range is god’s gift for trekkers visiting Ladakh. There are a number of tours and tour packages you can avail from if you want to visit this place for trekking.

The first best trekking rout here is the Darcha Lamayuru trek. This trek needs 26 days to cover the entire route. You cross Zanaskar, Manali, Darcha, Chumi Napo, Shingo La, Kurgiak, Tetha and many other places as you trek along the trekking track. You need to climb up 6000 meter in the direction of the western end region of the Himalayan range. As you trek along and reach each destination you get to visit the occupants and the see the beautiful natural scenic views from each destination. Your tour starts at Darcha and ends at Lamayuru.

The other trekking routes of Ladakh include the Indus and the Nubra Valley trek. The Indus and the Nubra Valley are two valleys and are located between India in the regions of Tibet and Central Asia. The beautiful valleys have a milder temperature and hence allow farming here. The Total trek tour is for 15 days. You need to climb up 5400 meters starting from Hundar in the Indus Valley as you trek you pass by Skarchen, Thanglesgo, Morubuk, Phyang, Taru, Taru La, Nyemo and Nie. As you pass by different destinations you enjoy the scenic view of each place along with the traditions and villages of Ladakh.

The Sabu to Nubra Trek is another beautiful touring destination for trekkers visiting Ladakh. The tour includes 10 days of fun filled trek including all the modern amenities required by modern people today. You need to climb up 3400 meters from the Sabu hill to Diskit. The Nubra valley is very famous for Bactarian camels, sand hills, Samstanling Monasteries, Khardung La Pass and Deskit. You get to see the beautiful regions of the Nubra Valley, the scenic beauty, the huge landscapes and the beautiful culture here is too good to resist. Undoubtedly one of the best place for trekkers in love with modern amenities.

October 11, 2011

Exciting Tours Of Ladakh

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Zanskar was an independent kingdom located between the main portion of the Indian Himalaya and the Indus valley. It is a remote place. It is located at an altitude of 3600m and extends over an estimated area of 7000sq km amidst the mountainous territory gorges and dramatic glaciers. This region is covered with heavy snow for almost seven months in a year and thus this region remains isolated. Due to isolation only the culture of Ladakh is still preserved. There are several magnificent and famous monasteries like Lingshet, Stongde, Karsha, Sani, Dzongkhul, Rangdum, Bardan, Phugtal.

There are some special trekking routes in Zanskar which offers grand views of the valleys and numerous passes which lead to the different attractive destinations and heights. Some of the important treks are:
The Lamayuru Padum Trek-it starts from Leh and here the special attraction to the trekkers are beautifully designed monasteries. Here you will get the photogenic views of Himalayas, by walking through the fields and crossing the gompas like Pepiting and the Karsha.

The Chadar Trek: here you will enjoy nthe ultimate delight of the trekkers as you have to trek over the frozen Zanskar River. There are many other treks also for trekkers.

You can also go for Leh Ladakh Tour, if you are interested in spending your holidays with the adventure and thrill. You can make your Leh-Ladakh tour full of excitement and enjoyment as the beauty of Leh Ladakh will make you spell bound. You will experience a feeling of different world when you will travel across all the majestic passes. It is a great place of adventure for the tourists due to Himalayan and Karakoram ranges. Here you can enjoy Camel Safari In Ladakh, yak safari and many other things. Besides the other tourists spots you will also enjoy mountain climbing, yak safaris, cycling, mountaineering, Ladak Overland Jeep Safari Tours and Ladakh Trekking.

In Ladakh, you can also enjoy Ladakh Festival Tour. This place has Buddhist culture which attracts travelers from all over the world. Lots of festivals are celebrated in Ladakh like Harvest festival which starts from 1st September and ends on September 15th, Hemis Festivals in which travelers from all over the world come here to enjoy it, Losar Festival is celebrated during December or January and it lasts for two weeks, Sindhu Darshan Festival is related with the celebration of river Sindhu, Thiksay Gustor festival also starts from 1st September and lasts till 15th September. There are many more festival celebrated here and the tourists can enjoy Ladakh festival tour by participating in it.

August 30, 2011

List Of Popular Trekking Treks In Ladakh

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Ladakh is the land of colors which comprises of mountains, rivers, lakes, gompas and even quaint little houses and land of high passes and much more. In fact when it comes to reaping delight out of adventure activities and sports than Ladakh tops all the charts. This beautiful destination is situated in the Northen most part of India. The place comprises of high snow covered mountain terrains that have altitudes ranging from 9000 feet at Kargil to 25,170 feet at Saser Kangri in Karakoram. Ladakh has India’s most fun filled trekking routes and offer you the most adventurous trip of your lifetime.

Ladakh offers wonderful adventurous trekking trips held between two world’s greatest mountains ranges. The thought of Trekking in Ladakh fills everyone’s heart with excitement and pleasure as it takes you through the lofty mountains and offers you fun beyond your imagination and expectation. Ladakh is considered as a delight for trekkers and adventure lovers as it owns one of the world’s most high terrain and steep routes. The place takes you along the most beautiful mountain ranges like Greater Himalayan and the Karakoram and two others, the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range. It also comprises of popular trek routes like Spituk to Markha valley, Lamayuru Gompa to Chilling and Likir to Temisgam, Stok Kangri Trek, Nubra valley trek, Trans Zanskar trek, Rupshu Valley Trek, Padum Lamayuru trek, Pahalgam- Panikar- Kargil trek, Likir- Nurla trek and much that can take your breath away and give you treasured memories.

Visiting all these places is not only a trek but a journey into the heart of nature that is cut from the outside world over half the year and can only be visited in winter by following one of the strangest trade routes in the world. The main trekking season for Ladakh is during the summer months of June through September. These treks are conducted in the grand Himalayan tradition, where trekkers hike with only a day pack and the trekking crew takes care of the tents, food and trekkers duffel bags.

So if you area adventure freak than pack your bags and get ready to explore Himalayan region of India and create memories that you can cherish throughout your life and write it with a golden pen. As it will offer some fantastic and challenging hiking opportunities that one can never forget.

March 9, 2011

Mountain Biking Tour In Ladakh, Thrill In The Valleys

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The beauty of Himalayas attracts people from all over the globe. The beauty of the valleys in Himalayas is really attractive. They are thrill and make one get Perfect Mountain biking experience.

Places to Cover in Mountain Biking tour in Ladakh:

The Biking tour in Ladakh is most coveted throughout the world as it is known for the utmost beauty and thrill in it. The region covers an area with a lot passes; they are Rohtang Pass, Baralacha La Pass, Lachalangla Pass. The trip will also take you to the Khardungla Pass which is the greatest motorable point street.

Duration of the whole Mountain biking tour in Ladakh:

The whole duration of the trip is 6 to seven days, in which you need to cover from Delhi to Ladakh the whole area. The journey starts from Delhi and moves to the leh and after coving various areas in the sector it comes back to Delhi again.

The Attractions of Mountain biking tour in Ladakh:

The thrill and attractions of the Himalayan Valley is beyond imagination and those who really want to Heaven on Earth in India must obviously go for this trip once. This will unveil a whole new India in front of you.

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