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December 16, 2010

Famous monasteries tours of Leh Ladakh

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Ladakh has a lot of momentous monasteries titled as Gompas, where Buddhist priests and monks breathe, learn and practice their religious conviction. The monasteries of Ladakh region are located in picturesque localities, on mounts and piles and have affluent compilations of Buddhist canvass, paintings and relics.

By way of its icy caped peaks, isolated villages, and antique Buddhist monasteries, the Ladakh Monastery tour transports visitors to another earth. know-how the highly striking tour of travelers natural life in the laps of the Great Himalayas that obtains visitors to a few of the most stunning villages and attractive gompas of Ladakh. The tour to Ladakh monastery traverses plentiful passes; it’s a modest grade trip necessary least of physical fitness and the trail do not rise over 4500m.

If we pay attention on the monasteries of Leh Ladakh, we find some touring monasteries as-

Thiksey Monastery- It is the highly gorgeous among all the monasteries in Ladakh area. This monastery is sited on the north of the Indus River. The Thiskey festival is detained in the month of October- November and at about 80 nuns dwells in this monastery. It has a well-known figurine of Buddha which is 15 meters lofty situated in Ladakh.

Mulbek Gompa is another monastery leads the vale. It is decorated by murals and figurines.

The further monastery is Phyang Gompa which appears great at the crown of an isolated side-valley that narrows north into the Ladakh series from the Srinagar freeway. Here in this monastery Hundreds of pictures of Buddha are placed on wood shelves.

Sumur Monastery: This trek of monastery is the very vital monastery of the Nubra valley of Ladakh area. This monastery is the abode to hundreds of nuns.

Alchi Gompa is solitary among the most stunning and the most discovered monastery of the area. It is the merely monastery in Ladakh which is situated on flat land to impressed the visitors towards Ladakh trekking tour.

Shanti Stupa: The Japanese used for World calm formulate the Shanti Stupa, at Changspa, on the summit, and was inducted by Dalai Lama in the year of 1985.

The monasteries of Leh  Ladakh area are riches home of unusual figurines, beautiful wall pictures, antique thankas and many more and by enjoying these monasteries trek, visitors of Ladakh trekking tours become blissful.

In the region of Ladakh, the monasteries have forever been the heart of spiritual, societal, financial, and political roles. The Ladakh Monastery trek is single of its sorts in Leh Ladakh and the trekkers of Leh Ladakh trekking tour make themselves more profitable by spiritual, societal, and political roles of Leh Ladakh.

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