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November 28, 2011

Experience Ladakh With Dalai Lama Tour

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Ladakh is said to be one of the beautiful places in the world. Its location is in Great Himalayan rain shadow so during the summer it lacks rainfall but it is covered with snow till late May.Though most of the tourists visit Ladakh throughout the year but the best period to visit Ladakh is from June to October. After November most of the trekking routes are covered with snow and the trekkers don’t get the opportunity to trek.

You can easily visit Ladakh with the help of various tour packages. There are numbers of Ladakh Tour Packages which are of great help for exploring Ladakh conveniently and comfortably. In order to take service of any of the packages, you have to arrive at Delhi. From Delhi you can reach to Ladakh by various suitable ways as organized by the packages. Though there are different tour packages which offer you the opportunity to visit the places like Leh, Shay, Thiksay, Hemis and again come back to Leh. You will wander the places like sight seeing of Shay Palace, Hemis and Thiksey monastery which is located on the bank of Indus River. You will also get the chance to visit Khardongla. From here you will get the marvelous view of Stok and Karakoram ranges.

Dalai Lama Tour offers the visitors to enjoy the experience of trekking. There are different trekking destinations in Ladakh. Dalai Lama tour is said to be a total religious tour.

Most of the people know this fact that Dalai Lama was in the branch of Tibetan Buddhism. He was a great Buddhist leader. Even the name “Dalai Lama’’ is known for the highest priest of ocean. It is a famous belief among the lovers of Dalai Lama that he is the rebirth of tulkus.

Basically the Dalai Lama tour offers the visitors to experience and enjoy the trekking in different treks like Dharamshala, chakki bank etc. It offers the opportunity for trekkers to experience the beauty of most stunning places which provide a great relaxation and pleasure. If any person feels frustrated in his or her life then he or she must go for Dalai Lama tour. It relax your mind as along with beauty it is also a religious place where you will relax as well as you will get peace of mind. This place is mainly related with the Buddhist but in general people from all corners of the world visit it as a religious place.

January 11, 2011

Visiting Ladakh With A Dalai Lama Tour- A Lifetime Experience

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Glorious Ladakh is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Ladakh is mainly known for its peculiar geographical conditions, extreme weather conditions and an unexplored culture. Adventure lovers throng Ladakh in huge numbers to experience the nature’s one of the most difficult challenges thrown at the mankind. Be it trekking or jeep safari in Ladakh or a vacation without any motive, spending time in Ladakh is simply special. Another emphatic way of explore Ladakh is a Dalai Lama tour. Surprised? Yes, it’s an innovative tour designed with an objective to promote religious importance of Ladakh. As aforesaid, popularity of cultural heritage of Ladakh has remained relatively overshadowed by the popularity of jeep safaris and bike tours. The Dalai Lama particularly aims at pitching destinations with religious importance among the tourists aspiring for ladakh tour. And that has been the reason of naming the tour after Tibetan spiritual guru. A religious tour of Ladakh does not mean you are deprived of adventure or fun. The tour retains all the extreme adventure and fun tourists expect from Ladakh. The tour offers you trekking, tours to Chakki Bank, Dharamshala and lot more.

On a normal Dalai Lama tour you kick off journey from New Delhi and visit several destinations in Ladakh and places like Chakki Bank and Dharamshala. The abundance of mesmerising travel destinations will simply fascinate you. Nubra Valley and plenty more valleys are enough to capture your imaginations. The lasting impression of Ladakh is very inspiring and rejuvenating. Dharamshala tour is also great. Besides gigantic Himalayas, you can watch local market, taste local cuisine and don local apparels. And that is not all; you can learn a lot of things about glorious Buddhism religion.

Why you should go for Dalai Lama tour? If you are fed up with hustle bustle of daily life, if you want something to relax your mind, body and soul, if you like nature and respect religion, and if you want to explore Ladakh in an innovative way, then Dalai Lama tour is for you. The journey is very relaxing. The isolated destinations help you interact with yourself and attain a serenity which you will never get in metros and cities. The calmness and peace will simply sooth your nerves and mind. Just watching pictures of yourself in laps of such gigantic mountains will mesmerise and energise you to go all out at what you do best. A Dalai Lama tour is important for everyone!

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