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November 28, 2011

Experience Ladakh With Dalai Lama Tour

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Ladakh is said to be one of the beautiful places in the world. Its location is in Great Himalayan rain shadow so during the summer it lacks rainfall but it is covered with snow till late May.Though most of the tourists visit Ladakh throughout the year but the best period to visit Ladakh is from June to October. After November most of the trekking routes are covered with snow and the trekkers don’t get the opportunity to trek.

You can easily visit Ladakh with the help of various tour packages. There are numbers of Ladakh Tour Packages which are of great help for exploring Ladakh conveniently and comfortably. In order to take service of any of the packages, you have to arrive at Delhi. From Delhi you can reach to Ladakh by various suitable ways as organized by the packages. Though there are different tour packages which offer you the opportunity to visit the places like Leh, Shay, Thiksay, Hemis and again come back to Leh. You will wander the places like sight seeing of Shay Palace, Hemis and Thiksey monastery which is located on the bank of Indus River. You will also get the chance to visit Khardongla. From here you will get the marvelous view of Stok and Karakoram ranges.

Dalai Lama Tour offers the visitors to enjoy the experience of trekking. There are different trekking destinations in Ladakh. Dalai Lama tour is said to be a total religious tour.

Most of the people know this fact that Dalai Lama was in the branch of Tibetan Buddhism. He was a great Buddhist leader. Even the name “Dalai Lama’’ is known for the highest priest of ocean. It is a famous belief among the lovers of Dalai Lama that he is the rebirth of tulkus.

Basically the Dalai Lama tour offers the visitors to experience and enjoy the trekking in different treks like Dharamshala, chakki bank etc. It offers the opportunity for trekkers to experience the beauty of most stunning places which provide a great relaxation and pleasure. If any person feels frustrated in his or her life then he or she must go for Dalai Lama tour. It relax your mind as along with beauty it is also a religious place where you will relax as well as you will get peace of mind. This place is mainly related with the Buddhist but in general people from all corners of the world visit it as a religious place.

January 31, 2011

A Seamless World of Ladakh

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Ladakh…a beautiful place situated in the northern state of India. Endowed with mesmerizing charm Ladakh is a treasure for mankind. Hidden in the laps of mighty Himalayas, Ladakh is must-explore destinations. Regardless the growing number of footfalls to this destination, Ladakh preserves its natural beauty and charm. The fantastic destination is mainly known for its unique geographical location that is said to be most extreme on earth. And that is what has been luring adventure lovers across the world. Mountain Biking tour in Ladakh name the adventure you want, Ladakh tour will serve you. However, confining Ladakh just as an adventure destination will not be justice…considering the seamless opportunities and choices it serves to us. Ladakh is perfect holiday destination as it renders utmost peace, fun and of course the isolation that you are in search of. Ladakh is located at a unique place. The hustle bustle of city life, All kinds and suffocation of an exploding population has still been at bay when it comes to Ladakh. What a marvelous location it is.

Now talking about things other than adventure. Ladakh is known for its beauty as aforesaid and of course it’s enriched culture. Ladakh culture is very different from other cultures in India, even neighboring Kashmir. It somehow resembles Tibet, as is filled with various monasteries and other buddhism pilgrimages. Peace is foundation of Ladakh culture. Very colorful, enchanting and of course bewildering. The amusing rituals of the Ladakhis will leave you completely surprised. Having chit chat with the locals is an amazing experience. They are hospitable and loving. They share everything with you as long you are friendly. None of tourists have ever claimed of being forged or looted over here. One of the safest places in India.

Ladakh is not just a man affair, it’s for ladies too. The gangs which arrive here mostly include girls. And they do not have any problems here. The fascinating beauty of Ladakh equally charms the ladies. Those who wish to take away their beloved ones to unique places, they should opt for Ladakh. Very isolated and peaceful, exactly what a couple will look for. And those who are fed up of noise and busy lifestyle, Ladakh is prescribed to them. Sports lover may not get such a gigantic field to play any sport. How about cricket in Ladakh? Doesn’t it excite the idea of playing cricket in laps of mountains with no one to disturb? Well Ladakh is such fantastic zone. Truly said, Ladakh is a seamless world.

January 27, 2011

A Morning In Mesmerising Ladakh

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Words fall short to describe how amazing mornings are in Ladakh! Well, I will try bit so that you can have glimpse of that wonderful experience. Ladakh, surrounded by gigantic mountains, layered below a lush blue sky and endowed with a tranquilising isolation, is a dream destination for every adventure lover. And even if you don’t have an adventure agenda, the enriched culture, Buddhist religion and its remains, native people and their lifestyles are something that can bewilder you forever. And if you are an adventure lover, Ladakh is not less than a heaven for you. After all where in the world you get such extreme conditions, be it geographical location or varying climate. The steep valleys, zigzag paths and miles of deserts will throw a challenge to you. Mountaineering, bike riders, jeep safari in ladakh or anything you have on your mind, Ladakh is simply superb.

Well, I am not an adventurist or one who seeks isolation. Ladakh tour was nothing but a normal holiday tour. But I didn’t have a clue what Ladakh has in store for me. The time when I arrived here, it was already half day. To be very honest, I fell in love with Ladakh at first sight. It was a never-before-felt experience. Gigantic, huge…I just cannot explain the vastness of Ladakh. The huge space with no hustle bustle of city life, Ladakh appeared as a dream canvas of any artist. And now I realised why most selling sceneries are based on Ladakh and why adventure throng this place. In evening it was cold…very cold I mean.

Thanks to our travel organisers, we were well prepared for such extreme weather and cold climate just seemed fun then. Dance, music and lot of gossips, I think these are the finest activities in Ladakh to be done. No one will stop you, nothing will bother you and obviously nothing will come in your way. After a light dinner, I slept. And when I opened my eyes next time…it was a fabulous scene. The pale yellow reddish light of sun scattered in every nook and corner of Ladakh. Everything was glittering! Freshness of the morning along with aroma of soil, I guess no artist can let go that inspirational moment to create a masterpiece. Well, I am no artist either though I felt even I could create after seeing this. The morning, with no words said by anyone, with a lot of words said by the Mother Nature, really energised me. A sip of coffee in laps of such gigantic place really relaxed my nerves.

That morning moment is very fresh in my mind. Please go Ladakh once in your life. It’s a deserving destination.

December 2, 2010

Rediscovering Adventures with Trekking Tours

Trekking is a very active and adventurous Outdoor Sport. It involves the working of your legs and arms simultaneously with full strength and zeal. It’s a job of extreme focus on the way and grip. Trekking is done using a pair of trekking sticks, trekking shoes and other things as well. It is mandatory for the trekker to be in a fit & fine condition with a positive attitude for trekking. In India, we have a lot many trekking sites for exploring Adventure. The scenic beauty of such spots is just mesmerizing. Let’s have an adventure trekking tour ladakh to some of the fantastic trekking destinations in India.

Ladakh Trekking Tour: Ladakh- the land of Gompa, the land of Nomad. It is one of the most exotic locations for exploring Scenic beauty and adventure sports. It is located at some kilometers from the Indus River and its extensive valley, With High altitude mountain terrains at about 9000 feet. The temperature shows extreme variations with the temperatures reaching 27 degrees in summers and in winters the temperature may reach up to -20 degrees in leh. Ladakh is a very exciting place to have fun. Ladakh is an exotic location for trekkers and adventure lovers with the world’s highest mountain peaks like Greater Himalayas and the Karakoram, the Ladakh Zanskar range. Besides, it also features a medley of popular trek routes such as spituk to Markha Valley, Lamayuru Gompa to Chilling. Its extreme weather conditions and geographical location attracts trekkers from all over the world.

Leh Ladakh tour: Leh is a small township at a side valley in the northern Indus Valley. The city has a nine storied palace which is its iconic feature. It was built by Ladakh’s ruler Sengge Namgyal in the early 17th century. The town is a Puzzle of little box buildings bristling with brushwood stored over the roof for winter, with lush green fields all over. Leh is situated at an altitude of 3505 meters and it is in eastern direction from Jammu and Kashmir. The city has lots of interesting things to watch and explore. You can walk along and have fun. Outdoor eating at open air garden and sidewalk restaurants is a great fun. You can enjoy Tibetan, Indian and even Continental cuisine in these restaurants. Best time to visit leh is from June to end September. Leh has a mystic beauty which is worth to be explored.

Markha Valley Trek: The Markha Valley trek is one of the most exotic and spectacular treks in Ladakh. Its scenic beauty is enhanced with the presence of features like giant rock pinnacles, beetling cliffs, prayer-flagged passes and narrow defiles. Trekking alongside the Markha Valley in the little Tibet, You will tend to be at the high altitudes and enjoy views of the Great Himalayan, Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. Trekkers cross two high passes. The other attractions of this reason are the Trailing Winds, Wild roses and pastel canyons. There’s a lot more to see and explore in this belt. You can know about the lifestyle of the Nomadic families, yaks and Monasteries.

Hope you have enjoyed this virtual trip to all these trekking locations. To explore more about these you can visit our website…………………… where you will get all information about Adventure trekking Tour, Moderate Trekking tour, Leh ladakh Tour, Markha Valley tour and much more.

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