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February 2, 2011

Clothing & Equipment for Trekking and Climbing in Ladakh

Ladakh is a region in of Jammu and Kashmir which is the northernmost state of India. Ladakh lies between Kunlun Mountain and Great Himalayas in the South. The dwellers in the area are mainly of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent. People from all over India as also abroad gather here for the sake of making a great travelling experience. Trekking and Climbing lovers also gather here for having a life time experience. The clothing that you need to bring must be allowing the warmth of day time and chill of nights. The trekking in ladakh during the day in the lower altitudes is good with light weight trousers; they can be also called trekking trousers and simple T-shirts. These are mainly the trousers that can be availed from any shopping malls near to you.

Trekking and Climbing needs passion and with passion these big mountains seem to be a friend to you during your trekking and climbing. But to fight with the tough conditions of the weather there you need to make yourself well equipped. A sleeping bag is a must for the high altitudes and the nights will be to avoid the cold of the night. Inflatable sleeping’s pad or the tharmentst can also be taken. The daypack is comfortable and the good waistband transfers some of the light weight to the hips important. It needs to be big enough for taking a jacket. The bag must carry everything that you need throughout the day.

Trekking and Climbing takes a lot of your energy and you need to go through a lot of troubles as also go for the best boots. There are special boots available for trekking and they are mainly made for such conditions. These boots are needed to be lightweight. The boots must be lightly worn and they should include some steep hills. The longer time you decide to trek the better boots you need. The shocks also pay a very vital role for your trekking experience. The trekking socks are higher up and cool evenings and four pairs.

The Camp shoes are also need to make your feet warm during the late nights. The fleece top is also a very good way to make you feel comfortable. The most trekking consider this to be essential. In the cool evening you must go for Down Jacket. They are easily available in rent. You can also search for them in the internet and then make a decision of having them. The rain jacket is also a must as you never know how the weather is going to turn. The trekking pants are also a must for such adverse situation.

All these discussed above must be taken with you if you wish to enjoy Ladakh treks and its glamour fully. You can easily get all these products in Ladakh also.

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