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December 9, 2010

Himalayas Trekking Tours

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Himalayas simply need no introduction to the world, isn’t it? Many poems, stories and novels have been dedicated to the glory of Himalayas and why it shouldn’t be? After all, Himalayan range has some highest mountain peaks, longest stretch of mountains and extreme geotrekking in himalayagraphical conditions one can imagine. With the passage of time Himalayas came to be known for other things as well, adventure in particular. Himalayas are now better known for adventures such as trekking and in language of travel and tour operators, it’s called Himalayas trekking tour. Trekking to this unique place will take you through a destination that has captured the imagination of adventurers across the world.  Many have gone on to describe Himalayas trekking as a perfect blend of excitement, adventure and self realisation. During the entire trek, you have to face some seriously high, cold and extreme places. Don’t forget, Karakoram, india’s highest peak, is located here only.

To be very honest with you readers, many trekkers, particularly from west, have been critical of India as trekking destination. They must have some logic to criticise it but contrary to the belief, trekking in India means a gigantic variety. Apart from Himalayas trek, you can go for mountain biking in Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Sikkim and so on.  Trekking in India is not just an adventure but more than that. It’s a never ending learning experience. You learn new culture, meet up new people and come to know how diverse mankind can be. The essence of diversity can be experienced in Himalayas alone. From some seriously high mountain peaks to holy shrines, world heritage sites, sacred temples, picturesque landscapes, beautiful valleys, stunning peak views and enriched tradition of local people, the trekking expedition to this country means a lot of things.

If you are coming with your family which has kids as well, it’s recommended to trek in the foothills of Himalayas. But in case you are an experienced trekker and want to measure the greatness of Himalayas on own, there are some extremely high altitudes waiting for you. There are several trekking routes of Indian Himalayas. No matter which route you prefer, India will overwhelm you with its nonpareil charm of cliffs and villages. The world’s largest mountain range will offer superlative view of colourful mountains, diverse landscapes, wide range of flora and fauna and so on. Being part of Himalayan landscape and scaling its height is a life time experience.

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